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Is that real?
We used to have a 'no rules' thing going on, but people would just post fail and then whine about being snarked for it.

1. Post pictures or stories of really creepy people. I'm talking 'covered in neon' '300lbs and wearing a leather bikini' or 'thinks he is a vampire' creepy. A girl with big hips or someone with lots of nicely done tattoos is not a creep. The members will decide if you fail or not, so..

2. No CP because LJ will shut us down. No no NO homophobia, racism, transphobia, or any of that bull. The only active mod of this community is a great big queer and she will ban you faster then you can say 'dyke.'

3. Use an LJ cut or don't use an LJ cut. IDGAF.

4. The more NSFW [not safe for work], the better.

5. Don't piss the mods off.

6. Fail, and you will be flamed. We have a policy of not banning anyone who wants to be an asshole to you if the post fails, so don't come whining to us. We'll be joining in.

Don't Post:
Entries with no pictures.
Anything that starts with 'I know this isn't really a lolcreep but...'
Just bad makeup. There has to be more. That stuff goes in, believe it or not, badmakeup.

While you're at it, check out our sister community, stupid_faces. Because laughing at people less fortunate than yourself never gets old.

Seriously, I am so fucking sick of these things. omg she slept with your boyfriend and she has really totally bad acne but you guys SO need to see this what a slut!!11
We don't care. Suck it up but don't spew it here.

Props to our lolcreeps mascot, Inna Clitostrophe.


If you need to ask why you shouldn't be here.

Please direct all complaints to your friendly maintainer, sinedelecta